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Understanding Anemia and Fatigue

You may be wondering why you feel so tired and cannot do many of the things you want to do, or used to do. You may also be wondering if there is anything you can do to feel better, be more productive, and regain your energy. Your healthcare team may have told you that you have anemia, which may explain, in part, why you feel so tired and lack the energy necessary to perform your daily activities. Anemia and fatigue can be caused by multiple myeloma itself or by the treatment for the disease.

You have been given this booklet to learn more about fatigue and anemia and how they relate to multiple myeloma and its treatment. In this booklet, you will also learn about what you can do and which medications are available to help you better manage your fatigue and anemia and enable you to feel better and participate in more activities.

After reading this booklet, you should know the following:

  • What fatigue and anemia are and how they relate to multiple myeloma;
  • When anemia and fatigue should be treated;
  • How anemia and fatigue are treated;
  • The possible side effects of treatment of anemia and fatigue;
  • If treatment for anemia interferes with your treatment for multiple myeloma;
  • What else you can do to feel less tired.

Understanding Anemia and Fatigue