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Stress and Acne: A Vital Connection

Stress. It's been making headlines as the underlying cause for many illnesses. Stress affects everyone, especially the otherwise healthy individual who is put in an extraordinary situation such as caring for an ill family member or friend. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that caregivers of ill family members run the risk of getting sick themselves with illnesses like heart disease or cancer. The study found that caregivers had four times the increase of Interleukin-6 (IL-6), an immune chemical that naturally increases with age, compared to other participants in the study. This can put people at a risk for a host of illnesses. Stress triggers a series of changes in the body that if left unchecked, can be extremely damaging.

How does stress affect your skin? Can the stresses in life increase acne? Why is it that the week before your wedding or a day before a job interview your skin seems to have a mind of it's own?

As the body's largest organ your skin has a mighty job to do and we often take it for granted. Your skin is the barrier, the outer shield between you and the environment. It protects every cell, nerve and blood vessel. It regulates our body's temperature while filtering out microscopic bacteria. We can't live without it, yet we easily neglect it, and most of all we still question it asking - does stress really affect the skin?.

Stress and Acne: A Vital Connection