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Sore Fingers - How To Prevent And Treat Them

As a diabetes educator, I have heard this statement from many hundreds of people. Self monitoring of blood glucose (blood sugar) is a cornerstone of modern diabetes care. And right now, we still don't have any way to check blood glucose without using a drop of blood. So it's certainly true, if you check your blood glucose regularly. it is possible to make your fingertips really sore. And, of course, if your fingers are already sore, you are not going to want to poke them again to get one more drop of blood for one more check of your blood glucose.

But, it's also possible to check your blood glucose frequently without making your fingers sore. In fact, there are many people who do check their blood glucose frequently, and they don't have sore fingers. When this topic came up in a support group I was leading, one of the group members said: "I check my blood glucose at least four times every day. Many days, I check my blood sugar six or seven times. My fingers are not sore. And I personally don't take pain well."

So what is the difference? Through the years, I have heard many ideas for avoiding sore fingers. In this article I will discuss everything I can remember about them. I'll start with some definitions. Then, I'll list the steps you can take to avoid sore fingers, and why each of those steps might help. I'll discuss: getting the right equipment; choosing a less painful site for lancing; preparing the site to make the blood flow better; lancing your finger; getting a large-enough drop of blood; stopping the flow of blood; and what to do if your fingers are already sore.

Sore Fingers - How To Prevent And Treat Them