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Systems Management Server 2003 Security Guide

This guide is intended for individuals with basic knowledge of SMS and Windows operating systems, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP? in particular, who are looking for guidance on how to make operation of SMS 2003 more secure. It may also benefit anyone involved with or interested in SMS 2003, other Enterprise Management systems, or network security.

The emphasis in this guide is on general security guidelines. It does not cover issues relevant to topologies and configurations, design questions such as site hierarchies and secondary Site Servers, and other large-scale design issues.

This document assumes that the reader who implements the security recommendations in this guide is a knowledgeable Windows Server 2003 administrator. A knowledgeable Windows Server 2003 administrator is defined as someone who can create and manage accounts and groups, understands how Windows Server 2003 performs access control, understands how to set account policies and security rights, and is familiar with how to set up auditing and how to read audit logs. This document does not provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform these basic Windows Server 2003 administrative functions—it is assumed that the reader is capable of implementing basic instructions regarding Windows Server 2003 administration.

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Table of Contents
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    Getting the Most from this Guide
    Important Notes about Operating System and Physical Security
    About this Guide

Chapter 1 - Enterprise Management and Systems Management Server 2003

    Enterprise Management
    Enterprise Management Systems
    SMS and Enterprise Management
    Security Guidance

Chapter 2 - Architectural Considerations

    Architectural Terminology
    Architectural Security
      Windows Server
      Internet Information Services (IIS)
      SQL Server
      Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) and the SMS Provider
      Network Security

    Important Security Points

Chapter 3 - Primary Site Server Installation

    Security Mode
    Secondary Site Server Installation
    Registry Keys
    Important Security Points

Chapter 4 - Collections

    Important Security Points

Chapter 5 - Objects, Permissions, and Accounts

    Objects and Permissions
    Important Security Points

Chapter 6 - SMS Administrator Console

    Administrator Console Overview
    Important Security Points

Chapter 7 - SMS Client Discovery

      Network Discovery
      Heartbeat Discovery
      Active Directory Discovery
      Scripted Discovery
      Logon Discovery

    Correlation and Verification
    Important Security Points

Chapter 8 - SMS Client Installation

    Client Types
    Techniques of Installation
      Client Push Installation
      Client Push Installation Wizard
      Group Policy Client Installation
      Other Installation Techniques
      Client Installation Source Files
      Important Security Points

Chapter 9 - Software Distribution

      Setting up SMS Systems for Distribution
      Setting up Software for Distribution
      Security Protection through Roles

    Important Security Points

Chapter 10 - Software Metering

    Overview of Operation and Configuration
      Configuration, Operation, and Reporting

    Important Security Points

Chapter 11 - Remote Tools

    Remote Assistance and Terminal Services

Important Security Points

Chapter 12 - Inventory Collection

      Installation and Configuration

    Important Security Points

Chapter 13 - Queries and Reports

      SQL Server Views
      Supplemental Reports
      Links in Reports

    Important Security Points

Chapter 14 - Status and Logs

    Status Messages
    Status Viewer
    Status Configuration
    Log Files
    Important Security Points

Chapter 15 - Summary

    Summary of Security Features
      SMS Accounts and Consoles
      SMS Auditing

    Summary of Important Security Points

Appendix A - References
Appendix B - Glossary

Systems Management Server 2003 Security Guide