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PDF-XChange 3.x

In version 3 of PDF-XChange we have added many features and improved many others - but one thing remains the same... PDF-XChange will consistently make the smallest PDF files from the widest range of Windows Application Software. PDF-XChange is unrivalled in its ability to generate highly compressed PDF files whilst still faithfully preserving the formatting of the original document.

If you find the above not to be the case - we want to hear from you (Contact us) and we will do all we can to ensure that the PDF file output remains faithful to the original formatting without compromising our goal - generating truly optimised PDF files for you to distribute as you require.

PDF-XChange is installed as a printer within your windows operating system - but instead of creating paper based output to a physical printer, acts as a 'Virtual Printer' and generates a full Adobe compatible, native PDF format file that is text searchable from suitable source material. Naturally files created from image based formats offer no text search capability.

You can create output from virtually any windows software application by just selecting print from the menu and choosing PDF-XChange as the required printer, depending on how you have configured the options available a file will then be created based on your settings.

You can choose to set the file name to be inherited from the original windows application, a 'macro' based on pre-defined variables (for example the date or a combination of the date and time etc.) or use a default name to which to always save, and overwrite or append with each new print output process.

To create fully compatible Adobe PDF files you need no other software - other than the application within which you will create the original document - for example 'Microsoft Word' or even the free Word pad utility that Microsoft provides with every new version of the Windows operating system.


    Introduction to PDF-XChange
    Version Release History
    FAQ's and Notes
    Silent Installation - for multiple installs
    Windows Versions Supported

Settings (Inställningar)

    Altering Preference Appearance and Order
      Customise Preference Appearance and Order

    Paper (Papper)
    Custom Forms (Egna mallar)
    General Settings (Allmänt)

      Advanced Mode
      Simple Mode

    Compression (Komprimering)

      Compression Options (Komprimeringsinställningar)

    Graphics Settings (Grafik)

      Graphics optimisation (Grafikinställningar)

    Fonts Settings (Typsnitt)

      Fonts (Typsnittinställningar)

    Watermarks (Vattenstämplar)

      Watermark Options (Optioner för vattenstämplar)

    Overlay PDF (as a Watermark) (Överdrag)

      Overlay PDF(as a Watermark) (Överdrag)

    Security Setup (Säkerhet)

      Security (Säkerhet)
      Digital Signatures (Digital underskrift)

    Links (Länkar)

      Links Options (Optioner för länkar)

    Bookmarks (Bokmärken)

      Bookmarks Options (Optioner för bokmärken)

    Document Info (Dokumentinformation)

      Document Info (Dokumentinformation)

    Save Setup (Spara)

      Save As (Spara som)

    Email (E-post)

      Emailing Files (Optioner för e-post)

    Profiles (Profiler)

      Profiles Options (Optioner för profiler)

    Optimization (Optimering)

      Optimization and Work Arounds (Optimering och hjälpmedel)

    Languages (Språk)

      Languages (Språk)


    Job Management - PDF-Saver


    Getting Started

Office2PDF Basics

    Office2PDF Languages Support
    Office2PDF Parameters
    Office2PDF About

MS Office Integration

    MS Office Integration

PDF-XChange 'Lite'

    PDF-XChange 'Lite'

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PDF-XChange 3.x