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Judging The Authenticity of Photographs

This book is an introduction and guide to identifying, dating and judging the authenticity, or lack thereof, of photographs from the 1800s to today. While a short book hardly intends to make the beginner into a museum curator or the next Sotheby‘s expert, it covers many of the basics and essentials to forming wise opinions.

This guide is a supplement to your personal experience and springboard to your continuing education. This experience and education includes handling and looking at a variety ofphotographs, reading books and articles and asking lots of questions of dealers, experts and fellow collectors. With time, the collector gains a feel for age, rarity, originality and authenticity.

Collectors should learn all they can about the genre where they collect, whether it is fashion photos, hockey photos or Victorian cabinet cards. This includes learning about current prices, hobby news, the history, styles, personalities and

Judging The Authenticity of Photographs