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Initiation Into Hermetics : A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice

Anyone who should believe to find in this work nothing else but a collection of recipes, with the aid of which he can easily and without any effort attain to honor and glory, riches and power and aim at the annihilation of his enemies, might be told from the very inception, that he will put aside this book, being very disappointed.

Numerous sects and religions do not understand the expression of “magic” otherwise than black art, witchcraft or conspiracy with evil powers. It is therefore not astonishing that many people are frightened by a certain horror, whenever the word “magic” is pronounced. Jugglers, conjurers, and charlatans have discredited this term and, considering this circumstance, there is no surprise that magic knowledge has always been looked upon with a slight disregard.

Even in the remotest times the MAGUS has been regarded as one of the highest adepts and it might be of interest to learn that, as a matter of fact, the word “magic” is derived from this word. The so called “sorcerers” are by no means initiates but only imitators o the mysteries, who counting partly on the ignorance and partly on the credulity of the individuality or a whole nation in order to reach their selfish aims by, lies and fraud. The true magician will always despise such practices.

In reality, magic is a sacred science, it is, in the very true sense the sum of all knowledge because it teaches how to know and utilize the sovereign rules. There is no difference between magic and mystic or any other conception of the name. Wherever authentic initiation is at stake, one has to proceed on the same basis, according to the same rules, irrespective of the name given by this or that creed. Considering the universal polarity rules of good and evil, active and passive, light and shadow, each science can serve good as well as bad purposes. Let us take the example of a knife, an object that virtually ought to be used for cutting bread only, which, however, can become a dangerous weapon in the hands of a murderer. All depends on the character of the individual. This principle goes just as well for all the spheres of the occult sciences. In my book I have chosen the term of “magician” for all of my disciples, it being a symbol of the deepest initiation and the highest wisdom.

Many of the readers will know, of course, that the word “tarot” does not mean a game of cards, serving mantical purposes, but a symbolic book of initiation which contains the greatest secrets in a symbolic form. The first tablet of this book introduces the magician representing him as the master of the elements and offering the key to the first Arcanum, the secret of the ineffable name of Tetragrammaton*, the quabbalistic Yod-He-Vau-He. Here we will, therefore, find the gate to the magician’s initiation. The reader will easily realize, significant and how manifold the application of this tablet is. Not one of the books published up to date does describe the true sense of the first Tarot card so distinctly as I have done in my book. It is – let it be noted – born from the own practice and destined for the practical use of a lot of other people, and all my disciples have found it to be the best and most serviceable system.

*Tetragrammaton literally means “the four-letter word”. It was a subterfuge to avoid the sin of uttering the sacred name YHVH (Yahveh) or Jehova as it later became when the vowels of another word were combined with the consonants of YHVH.

But I would never dare to say that my book describes or deals with all the magic or mystic problems. If anyone should like to write all about this sublime wisdom, he ought to fill folio volumes. It can, however, be affirmed positively that this work is indeed the gate to the true initiation, the first key to using the universal rules. I am not going to deny the fact of fragments being able to be found in many an author’s publications, but not in a single book will the reader find so exact a description of the first Tarot card.

I have taken pains to be as plain as possible in the course of the lectures to make the sublime Truth accessible to everybody, although it has been a hard task sometimes to find such simple words as are necessary for the understanding of all the readers. I must leave it to the judgment of all of you, whether or not my efforts have been successful. At certain points I have been forced to repeat myself deliberately to emphasize some important sentences and to spare the reader any going back to a particular page.

There have been many complaints of people interested in the occult sciences that they had never got any chance at all to be initiated by a personal master or leader (guru). Therefore only people endowed with exceptional faculties, a poor preferred minority seemed to be able to gain this sublime knowledge. Thus a great many of serious seekers of the truth had to go through piles of books just to catch one pearl of it now and again. The one, however, who is earnestly interested in his progress and does not pursue this sacred wisdom from sheer curiosity or else is yearning to satisfy his own lust, will find the right leader to initiate him in this book. No incarnate adept, however high his rank may be, can give the disciple more for his start than the present book does. If both the honest trainee and the attentive reader will find in this book all they have been searching for in vain all the years, then the book has fulfilled its purpose completely.

Part I: Theory

Picture of the Magician
1. About the Elements
2. The Principle of Fire
3. The Principle of Water
4. The Principle of Air
5. The Principle of Earth
6. The Light
7. Akasa or the Ethereal Principle
8. Karma, the Law of Cause & Effect
9. Man
10. The Material Plane
11. The Soul or the Astral Body
12. The Astral Plane
13. The Spirit
14. The Mental Plane
15. Truth
16. Religion
17. God
18. Asceticism
Part II: Practice
Step I ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Thought control, discipline of thoughts, subordination of thoughts
Step I ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Introspection or self-knowledge
2. Making of the black & white mirrors of the soul
Step I ~ Magic Physical Training
1. The material or carnal body
2. mystery of breathing
3. Conscious reception of food
4. The magic of water
Step II ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Autosuggestion or the secret of subconsciousness
2. Concentration exercises

    a. Visual
    b. Auditory
    c. Sensory
    d. Olfactory
    e. Taste

Step II ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Magic-Astral balance with respect to the elements
2. Transmutation or refinement of the soul
a. By fight or control
b. By auto-suggestion
c. By transmutation
Step II ~ Magic Physical training
1. Conscious pore breathing
2. Conscious position of the body
3. Body Control in everyday life, at will
Step III ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Concentration of Thoughts with 2 or 3 senses at once
2. Concentration on objects, landscapes, places
3. Concentration on animals & human beings
Step III ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Inhaling of the Elements in the whole body

    a. Fire
    b. Air
    c. Water
    d. Earth

Step III ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Retaining of Step I, which has to become a habit
2. Accumulation of vital power

    a. By breathing through the lungs & pores in the whole body
    b. In different parts of the body

3. Impregnation of space for reasons of health, success, &c.
4. Bio-magnetism
Step IV ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Transplantation of consciousness

    a. Into objects
    b. Into animals
    c. Into human beings

Step IV ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Accumulation of elements

    a. In the whole body
    b. In single parts of the body

2. Production of element-harmony in regions of the body
Step IV ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Rituals & their practical applicability

    a. Gesticulations
    b. Bearings (Asanas)
    c. Postures of the fingers (Mudras)

Step V ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Space magic
Step V ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Projection of elements outward

    a. Through one’s own body, accumulated through the solar plexus
    b. Accumulated through the hands

2. Outward projection without passing through the body
Step V ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Preparation for passive communication with the invisible ones

    a. Release of the own hand
    b. Preparation of the fingers with help of the pendulum, &c

2. Passive Communication:

    a. With the own guardian genius
    b. With deceased people & other beings

Step VI ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Meditation on the own spirit
2. Becoming conscious of the senses in the spirit
Step VI ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Preparation to master the Akasa principle
2. Deliberate induction of trance with the help of Akasa
3. Mastering the elements with an individual ritual from Akasa
Step VI ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Deliberate creation of beings:

    a. Elementals
    b. Larvae
    c. Phantoms

Step VII ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Analysis of the spirit with respect to the practice
Step VII ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Development of the astral senses with the help of elements & fluid condensers:

    a. Clairvoyance
    b. Clairaudience
    c. Clairsentience

Step VII ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Creation of elementaries by different methods
2. Magic animation of pictures
Step VIII ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Preparation for mental wandering
2. Practice of mental wandering:

    a. In the room
    b. Short distances
    c. Visits to friends, relatives, &c.

Step VIII ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. The great moment of Now
2. No clinging to the past
3. Concentration disturbances as a compass of the magic equilibrium
4. Mastering the electric & magnetic fluids
Step VIII ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Magic influence through the elements
2. Fluid condensers:

    a. Simple condensers
    b. Compound condensers
    c. Fluid condensers for magic mirrors
    d. Preparation of a magic mirror with fluid condensers

Step IX ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Practice of clairvoyance with magic mirrors

    a. Seeing through time & space
    b. Distant effect through magic mirrors
    c. Different tasks of projection through the magic mirror

Step IX ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Deliberate separation of the astral body from the material body
2. Impregnation of the astral body with the four divine fundamental qualities
Step IX ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Treatment of the sick with the electromagnetic fluid
2. Magical loading of talismans, amulets & gems
3. Wish realization through electromagnetic balls in Akasa (“volting”)
Step X ~ Magic Mental Training
1. Elevation of the spirit to higher levels
Step X ~ Magic Psychic Training
1. Conscious communication with the personal God
2. Communication with deities &c.
Step X ~ Magic Physical Training
1. Several methods for acquiring magic faculties

Initiation Into Hermetics : A Course of Instruction of Magic Theory & Practice