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How to Meet People and Build Friendships

Has this ever happened to you? You were at a game or party or dance or fast food joint or in a class with someone you wanted to meet, but just didn't know how. And you never met that person. You kept hoping that they would notice you, but they never did?

Have you ever been on a date and had nothing to say? Have you ever wanted to extend the hand of friendship to someone, but couldn't figure out how to start? Have you ever been in a conversation with someone, and no matter how you tried, it felt like there was simply nothing to say?

This short guide can help you learn how to meet people and build friendships. You can feel confident meeting all sorts of people and enjoying their conversation. The best thing about this is that it's fun and easy. Life is simply sweeter when you can share it with someone. All you have to do is have some courage and good sense. You supply the courage. This guide will supply some of the good sense you need. And the first thing you need to know is what makes a good friendship.

The Sweet Life
What Doesn't Work
The 7 Steps
Step 1: Choose
Step 2: Prepare
Step 3: Ask
Step 4: Introduce
Step 5: Break the Ice
Open or Closed?
Step 6: Converse

    Look for free information
    Dig deeper
    Listen with eyes, voice, & ears
    Act confident
    Express empathy
    Add people to the conversation
    Avoid conversation killers

Step 7: Exit
Wobblers Win
Time to Have Some Fun!

How to Meet People and Build Friendships