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Offline Domain Arbitrage

Almost every successful online marketer appreciates the KISS principal, ie "Keep It Simple Silly". The reason being, the experience of the "information overload" phenomenon, that every budding online marketer will have, one way or the other. This may not be a specific issue related to online marketing, but seems to be inevitable for a IMer. This ebook nicely uses this KISS principal and has a step by step instructions to avoid distractions.
Anybody can use this guide to create his or her first website, also may be within a couple of hours!

To paraphrase some of the content from this guide:

"There is a huge offline opportunity sitting right underneath your nose
and you have probably not realized it yet. Or perhaps you have
thought about it but never really considered the potential...
This is a short report on a really cool offline marketing technique that
you can use to find some of the “low hanging fruit” opportunities that
already exist and just require someone like you to become the broker.
But... like any other marketing system, you actually have to DO
something. So if you are prepared to do the work, you can create
some serious opportunities for yourself.
Starting Budget
This is where things can get scary right? Not this time.
I know a lot of “systems” out there, require you to buy software,
advertising and other expensive costs, but this technique really does
require the minimum amount of resources. While not free, it isn’t far
To pull this off you are looking at a total investment of:
That’s it!
Your Shopping List
A Custom Domain (more on this later) - $12
A Budget Web Hosting Plan - $10
That is it!
Recommendation: Use for your domain
purchase and for your hosting.

Quick Overview
The basic idea of this system is to focus on “smaller” town local offline
businesses who either lack an online presence or already have an
online presence but want to step it up another level. This report will
cover all of the following:
• Find 3 localized keyword-rich domains and buy them
• Map the domains to your hosting account and install
• Configure basic SEO settings
• Publish 5 keyword relevant blog posts
• Submit each post to social networks
• Submit each post to document sharing sites
• Sell the domain, ads, directory listings or full site design
Step 1 - Purchase Your First Domain
Before we get into the nuts of bolts of choosing a domain, the key
ingredient here is to pick an appropriately sized city/town to focus on.
Any city over 100,000 people will likely already have most keywordrich
domains already spoken for.
Use a website like to find cities and
towns with lower populations but still large enough to have a solid
business community. The 50,000 person population range is a rough
size to shoot for but this can work for much smaller populations as
Using the above website, I searched the Canadian province of Ontario
and see a number of cities in my desired population range. For this
example I will choose “Newmarket” with a population listed at about
Next, I use a site like to check for available
domains. You can get really creative here but you might want to try
items like
Keyword Domain
Newmarket Dentist
Newmarket Chiropractor
Newmarket Lawyer
Newmarket Lawn Care
Newmarket Restaurant
Newmarket Hotel
Newmarket Rentals
You basically want to think about businesses, industries and services
that may be in these mid sized towns, counties or suburbs.
To get additional keyword/domain ideas, try using the Google
Keyword tool and doing a search for your selected cities and check
out some of the semi-popular searches.
Keyword Tool Link ->
The Google Keyword Tool will allow you to enter a search term (say
the name of your chosen city) and it will give you a list of related
terms. It will also include other information like an approximation of
how often the terms are searched, and an estimation of how much it
costs per click for Google Adsense ads related to that term.
In my example, was actually available
when I did a quick search on Go Daddy. I can now purchase this
domain for around $12.
Step 2 - Map The Domains To Your
Hosting Account And Install
If you don’t know how to do this, follow the steps in this blog post:
If you don’t want to watch the video, or for whatever reason can not
access it, here are the basic steps you will need to take:
1. Buy your domain from your chosen registrar: http:// works fine.
Tip: will let you use paypal!
2. Purchase a cheap hosting package. You can get a package
that allows unlimited domains for around $10 (or less). is good enough for this type of
work. They also accept paypal.
3. When you set up your package it may ask for a domain
address, use the one you just bought.
4. For ease of use, if you don’t choose the above host, choose
one with cPanel enabled.
5. Log into the cPanel of your new hosting package. They will
have tutorials on all of this information.
6. If for some reason you didn’t add your domain when you set
your hosting up, or if you want to work on more that one
domain - make sure to click on Add On Domains in CPanel
and add any domain you want.
Note: With an unlimited domain plan you could do this
system with dozens (hundreds?) of domains all on one
hosting account.
7. After your domain is added, look in your cPanel homepage,
look for Fantastico (or Fantastico De Luxe). It looks like a
smiling face. Click on that.
8. Choose WordPress from the Fantastico menu. Follow the on
screen instructions to install. Make sure you enter a
username, password AND email address for your WordPress
set up. Once you are done, make sure you email the details
to your email as well.
9. Once that is done, return to your cPanel homepage. Make a
note of your Name Servers. You can find these on the
bottom left of your cPanel homepage. There will be 2
numbers and they look like:
10.Now go back to your domain registrar and switch the name
servers to your Hostgator site. There will be info on the
domain registrar’s website on how to do this.
11.Depending on a number of things, it can take anywhere from
minutes to 24 hours for a name sever change to register on
your computer/internet. Once it does, you will be able to
navigate to your domain and you will see the basic wordpress
installed. There will be a link to log in, bottom right of your
12.Log in!
Note: This is obviously not a WordPress guide, but if you are not
familiar with this web platform - you should learn. It is super simple
to use, and incredibly powerful. You can learn a lot of the info you
need from:
Step 3 - Configure Basic SEO Settings
Now that you have a site running on Wordpress, there are some very
basic things you can do to increase your chances of reaching page 1
of Google for the keyword “newmarket restaurant”.
Here they are:
1. In your Wordpress Dashboard, go to the Plugins menu and click
Add New. Search for the following plugins, then activate and install
• All in One SEO Pack
• Google XML Sitemaps
• Easy Privacy Policy
2. In your Wordpress Dashboard, go to the Settings menu and All in
One SEO. The idea here is to put your main keyword in the title and
the description of your site. You might also want to include some
other keywords that are related. So in my example, my main keyword
is “newmarket restaurant” but I might also include “newmarket
An example Home Title would be; “Newmarket Restaurant - The Best
Dining In Newmarket”
An example Home Description would be; “When you are looking for a
Newmarket restaurant that showcases the best of Newmarket Dining”
(You can see how we have used our 2 keywords once each in the title
and the description)
3. In your Wordpress Dashboard, go to the Settings menu and click
• Select the radio button for “Custom Structure”
• Set the value to this exact statement in bold:/%postname%/
(Now when you write blog posts, your URL for each post will contain
the keywords from your post title)
Step 4 - Publish 5 Keyword Relevant
Blog Posts
Go back to the Google Keyword tool:
Search for related search phrases by entering your main keyword and
find 5 good keywords. For example, when I enter “newmarket
restaurant” into the Keyword Tool, here are some of the related
keywords that came back:
• newmarket ontario restaurants
• places to eat in newmarket
• restaurant in newmarket
• newmarket bars
• newmarket dining
These are some great keywords that people are using to look for
restaurant options in Newmarket. So I want my site to tap that.
Create 5 blog posts using each keyword as the exact title of your post.
Choose a good keyword for your category as well.
For example “Places to eat in Newmarket” could be filed in a category
called “Dining”.
Write a simple blog post that drives home the main message in your
Don’t write the blog post for Google either - try to be informative and
helpful. With the new Google algorithm updates - size matters. 400
words is bare minimum and if you can go for 1000+ go for it!
If you don’t like writing, or aren’t good at it - you can outsource it but
of course that costs additional money. You can hope for the best from
a site like, or if lucky enough maybe have a
wordsmith relative :)
Step 5 - Submit Each Post To Social
Take the unique URL for each blog post and submit it to Social
networks such as:
• Stumbleupon
• Reddit
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Google+
• ETC...
You can find lots of sites like this to post to, us any others you see fit.
The key is getting some inbound links.
Step 6 - Submit Each Post To
Document Sharing Sites
Now that you spent some time writing 5 blog posts, you can spare a
few extra minutes to spread that content in another form.
Use an application like Open Office (free!) to create a PDF version of
each blog post. At the end of each PDF, include a closing line like the
“This information brought to you by Newmarket Restaurant”
And make sure the words “newmarket restaurant” link to This is called anchor text and when you
have inbound links where the anchor text matches your desired
keyword, you are building links that are very useful for SEO.
Create and account at and and
submit your PDFs to each site.
The 6 steps you have just completed will often result in your new site
being listed somewhere on the first page of Google. This is certainly
NOT guaranteed and if your domain happens to fall short, you will
want to look into doing some link building to increase your site’s
authority. Having said that, when you choose a small enough market,
page 1 is usually very easy to retain by following this system.
Step 7 - Monetizing Your Efforts
There are a number of ways you can monetize a website like this but
the key thing to remember here is that you have just created an asset
for yourself. As simple as it might be to setup a Wordpress site like
this and doing some basic optimization, it goes well beyond the scope
of knowledge for most offline companies.
REALIZE that you are now sitting on a valuable asset and take that
asset to market with a confident attitude.
Here are the main ways to do so...
Monetization Option 1 -- Sell the domain
The fact that you now own a domain where the domain name is the
exact keyword that would be of interest to an offline business, you
have a selling opportunity. In our example, there are a number of
restaurants in Newmarket who, I am sure, would love to be on the
first page of Google and own a powerful domain name like
Do Google, Yellowpages, Business Directory and Local Newspaper
searches for local businesses who match your keyword. A quick
Google search for newmarket restaurants gives me a huge list of
potential buyers.
Most of these businesses will have an email contact option which you
should choose. Send an email with the following
Subject: Your restaurant website
Email Body:
I found your website when searching for a restaurant in Newmarket.
I am the owner of which is currently just a
placeholder site. The site already ranks #XXXX on google when you
search for "newmarket restaurant".
I'm contacting you and some other restaurant owners in Newmarket
to let you know that is on the market and I
am open to all offers. The owner of this site can simply use the
existing traffic and redirect it to their site or you could use the domain
to host a company blog, etc...
Either way it is an excellent opportunity to put your business on page
1 of google.
I'll be happy to answer any questions as well.
Monetization Option 2 -- Sell the domain AND Design
In this case, you are doing something similar as in Option 1 but here
you can get a bit more targeted. You might want to make a list or the
restaurants who appear to need the most help. Perhaps they have no
website or a low quality OLD website. Using the same approach as
above, you can contact the restaurants by email and offer a low cost
site design.
You can get Wordpress sites custom built for less than $100 but if you
can pre-sell a website and domain for even $500, you are pocketing
$400 for your efforts.
Monetization Option 3 -- Sell Ad Space
If the first 2 options don’t generate any sales right away, don’t worry.
You are still sitting on an asset as we said earlier. You have a keyword
rich domain with a target market and a site running on Wordpress.
You can turn your new website into a pseudo review site and/or
restaurant directory where you feature all of the restaurants and
dining information that a Newmarket diner could benefit from.
With a little bit of work, you could have 30 or 40 new blog posts that
target different dining recommendations. Within a few weeks, each of
these posts will be indexed in Google and your site will only gain
You can once again approach local businesses offering up Option 1 or
Option 2... OR, you can simply charge a reasonable monthly fee for a
banner ad or a featured article/video blog about that business.
So, as with all marketing systems there is some work to
do. If you take the time to learn the skills presented to
you here, you not only have a very workable and
repeatable system... but you will also accumulate
Wordpress, SEO, blogging and sales skills as you go. A
total win-win for you.
Bonus - Online Monetization
If you have been striking out on the offline market, don’t fret. Your
work hasn’t gone to waste. You can also choose to monetize these
websites through online means.
The three main methods you can use, are probably familiar to you,
and if not they are simple to set up and could create a stream of
income for your home business:
1. Affiliate offers - Use a company like Amazon, LinkShare,
Commission Junction or Share-A-Sale to find ads to place on your
site. You will need to choose ads for services or products that not
only match your website topic, but that are applicable for the
geographic location you targeted.
2. Google Adsense - It is pretty simple to throw some Adsense ads
on to your site. If you have been approved already for another
website, just create some ad blocks and throw them on the site.
Usually Google ads will play nicely with the above company’s
affiliate offers. If you are new to Google Adsense, you will want to
make sure the site you use in your application has ten posts before
you apply... read more, download the full ebook.

To download, right click and choose "Save Link As", then download more free ebooks.

Offline Domain Arbitrage