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IM Coaching Success Secrets

Coaching Success Secrets Exposed – 10 Most Common Mistakes
Internet Marketing Coaches Make

by Gerald Gigerl
Tables of Content:
1. Low Self Esteem.
2. Under Charging
3. Marketing Through The Wrong Mediums
4. Lack Of Marketing Skills
5. Lack Of Results
6. Inability To Present ROI
7. Inability To Reach Conceptual Agreement
8. Halfhearted Work Ethics
9. Over Delivering
10. Under Delivering

As a full-time online marketer, I know about the challenges when it comes to
marketing your services effectively.
But this eBook will be about coaching secrets that should help you to position
yourself more professionally, transform leads into long-term paying coaching
clients and build your brand at Warrior Forum.
I’ve tried a great many different coaching approaches, so I definitely know what
works and what doesn’t.
To be an effective coach in your chosen niche you’ve to have value that other
people find attractive. But that’s by far not enough..
You need to have passion for coaching as well as the ability to market your offer.
The key thing is to get into a market that is suitable for YOU.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a successful coach or just starting off to mentor others,
you should find one or the other tip to enhance the value of your coaching
I tried to keep this eBook simple by explaining exactly what you need to do to
present more value.
If you’re doing reading this eBook please make the effort to give me some
feedback on the thread.
My main intention is to make the life of struggling warriors easier by giving
away information that they will use to make their business more profitable.
Also, if you are a coach with great results, maybe you will find some tips useful
and perhaps these tips help you to enhance your coaching program or skills.

Why online marketing coaching?
Finding a suitable mentor for your online marketing projects is not just a question
of finding him..
NO! It’s a question of whether you perceive you need a mentor or not. I think
what hinders most people from going to the next level is their EGO.
That’s right - most people who are not making any or much money online talk
themselves out of hiring a coach because they can NOT accept the fact that their
business needs improvement.
Well, if you have this sort of mindset odds are bad that you will ever succeed
Why would you say no to professional help if you need it and can afford it?
Saying no doesn’t make any sense and if you say no to the right coach, you’ll be
losing a lot of money!
Since this book is about coaching success secrets for existing coaches, we should
focus on what you can do to sell more coaching programs.
Trust me, there a lot of things you can do and if you those things right, you’ll be
well ahead of the game.
Honestly and ethically, coaching online comes down to 3 main factors:
1.Your marketing skills
2.Your self-esteem
3.The market
If there is a market need, you can fully score with excellent marketing skills and
high self-esteem. Even if there is not a big existing market if you hit people on
the right spot, you might be able to market products to people who perceive they
need it.
But yeah, it’s for sure a lot easier to market a great product in a demanding
market than it is to market a great product into a growing market.
Now I want to talk with you about 10 common mistakes that coaches make when
it comes to marketing their programs online, especially the warrior forum.
Let’s have a look at what those mistakes are and how you can correct and
improve them.

Low Self-Esteem
Unbelievable but true, your self-esteem has a destructive effect on your business,
no matter what market you intend to dominate.
The single most common reason why you are not good at offering your coaching
business is because you think you don’t deserve coaching clients.
Why wouldn’t you charge more for your coaching program if you’ve a fine
passion for running it?
It could be because you think that your past results are insufficient or that your
idea (your modules) is not good enough, whatever.
One thing I can guarantee you is that if you’re not capable to launch your first
coaching program, you’ll never get better at marketing it, improving your sales
page or getting more testimonials for future projects.
You’ve to have the courage to simple launch you first program, no matter how
good or bad you think it is.
And believe me, you’re worthy of creating a spectacular coaching brand around
your niche.
Others have done it successfully before so why should you not be able to imitate
their past successes?
As in any form of business, your mindset makes most of your income and it
controls your actions, literally in the same way as a machine is controlled by its
If the machine would not have a suitable engine, it could not run and function
The same is true for your mindset. If you do not acquire full control of your
mindset and strengthen your beliefs around what you CAN DO, you’ll always
achieve less than you could.
Also, low self-esteem makes you charge a lot less than you are actually worth or
a lot less than your definite coaching program is worth.
Why would you charge only 45% of what you could charge if you’d know how to
charge more?
The real value of your coaching program and advice is in most cases higher than
what you think.
The value of your expertise is worth a certain percentage of the ROI you will help
the coachee to achieve.

The first step you should take to have more power for selling your services is to
simple form the belief in your mind that you are worthy of charging big amounts
for sharing your knowledge to others.
Paint a clear picture in your mind of the person you intend to become, how much
you intend to charge for a specified program, how you are going to market it..
When I started off with online marketing, I had absolutely no self-esteem.
Everyone in my family was trying to convince me that what I’m doing will never
work because of this and that.
I had almost nobody who supported me and added positive energy in my life, not
even my best friends. So obviously, I couldn’t get any self-esteem from people
who were trying to manipulate me and were stilling my dream.
The second thing that stole my whole self-esteem was that I couldn’t make any
money for the first few months.
As you can see I had every little reason to feel good at this point in my business
because everyone was telling me that it cannot work, plus things were not
working out for me so far.
The best I could do, what I did, was to strengthen my spiritual responsibility that
what I do will help me as well as a lot of people. So, the only thing that kept me
going was the fact that I wanted to succeed so bad.
I had no marketing skills, no communication skills, no results, no supporters, not
much education and not much money either.
At this stage, all I had was my highly potential mindset which was at this point
quite unused. All I knew is that I have what it takes to succeed and to start
making money online, regardless of where other people were telling me.
Yes, it works out the same in your coaching business. You don’t have to have
massive results to start a coaching business in SEO, affiliate marketing, lead
generation or whatever it would be.
Yes, you need to be skilled and have some sort of results but you don’t need to be
the best at what you do yet.
If you have no skills in the area where you want to coach people, you better start
with getting some measurable results FIRST.
What I wanted to point out with telling my own story was that you can become
great at what you’re passionate about, provided you’re willing to put in hundreds
and thousands of hours to make it work for you.

Lack of marketing skills
Here I refer to simple not having sufficing knowledge in the area you want to
coach other people. To be acknowledged and wanted you need to have some sort
of acceptable expertise for the lead. No marketer is going to hire someone who
doesn’t seem to know what he is talking about.
It’s no longer good enough to be mediocre since there are so many people you
need to compete with. To be wanted in any online market, you’ve to offer value
that others find attractive or you simple don’t exist for them.
I already referred to this under the first mistake coaches make. Here are my
logical consequences - action steps, basically what you need to follow if you
want others to buy your services:
1.Know what you’re naturally good at and passionate about.
2.Get detailed – practical information in the area you want to excel.
3.Find out who is dominating the industry and what they do.
4.Know what you don’t know and get the information.
5.Continually do what you have to do to create results.
6.Once you’ve generated some measurable results, start offering your services.
That’s how simple it looks on paper but it’s very difficult to put in action because
to make it work you need to put in docents of hours each week. read more, download the full ebook.

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Coaching Success Secrets Exposed