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How to Use the Milk Diet Scientifically at Home

Almost invariably those who have taken the milk cure properly will find themselves in better health than they may have ever enjoyed before. The body cells are “clean.” They are relatively free from organic toxins. The elimination is better. The organs of digestion an assimilation function in a more natural way. The blood is enriched and purified, as a consequence of which oxidation proceeds more normally.

The nerves and the brain cells are nourished. There is usually a capacity for an immensely increased amount of both mental and physical work. There is also a distinct increase in sexual tone, with the additional increase in general energy resulting there from.

Needless to say, if the healthful gain made on the milk diet is to have any permanent beneficial effect, “moderation” must be the watchword in everything.

The greatest care must be observed so that the body, the mind, or any special organs shall not become fatigued in their functions. Periods of rest should be taken. Long stretches of mental concentration should be avoided.

The mind should be diverted every once in a while – when it is found to be more or less of an effort to concentrate on the subject under consideration or on the work of the moment. If it is only to get up from the desk and go over to the window and look out for a minute or two, you should make an attempt to do this.

At night a couple of hours spent at a concert, a lecture, seeing a good “show” or moving picture, or an hour or two spent with an interesting book or magazine, will go far to divert the mind and give it that recreation and rest so essential to proper functioning.

How to Use the Milk Diet Scientifically at Home