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Free Website Traffic Methods in Detail

This free ebook reveals the info equivalent of a main piece of the jigsaw puzzle of online earning/marketing, namely traffic. A newbie or an experienced online marketer would benefit from simplified understanding of the online marketing as consisting of just driving eye balls on to a product. This traffic should be targetted well enough to convert, ie to be bought by the traffic.

This ebook describes, in depth, 4 methods of driving free traffic to your website or your offer. The traffic may be on to your squeeze page so that you can build your all important list.

The 4 methods:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Email Swaps
  • Document Sharing

    From the ebook: "The goal is to get visitors to your site and keep them there for as long as possible. The
    longer you keep a visitor on your site, the better chance of you developing a
    relationship with them, and the more likely they are going to consider you as an
    expert. The end result is that they are far more likely to become a customer of yours.
    Nothing can beat the strength of a great active video which can help you
    communicate your content, get your viewer interested with your what you offer, and
    then leave a long lasting good impression.
    Videos provide the chance to genuinely talk with your target market in a manner that
    only a few other marketing and advertising techniques can, and fortunately, even
    though you may not have produced or developed a video in the past, it is extremely
    very easy to do.
    The easiest way is to just turn any existing content you may have into a video and
    start from there. What kind of content? How about your existing articles and website

    Why videos work? :

    "Article marketing and other free traffic generation methods are highly competitive
    and over optimized. The secret is out and all marketers, no matter how much of a
    beginner, realize that you can attract visitors by producing lots of written content and
    pointing back content to your website. In contrast, video marketing is a relatively new
    concept and still under optimized and is a lot less aggressive than standard article
    Many people either don't understand the power of video marketing or have not yet
    taken the time to learn the skills required. They are still stuck in the way of web 1.0
    thinking. Many think they cannot produce video clips, while others believe it is simply
    not worthy of the hard work.
    I'll show you below just how wrong that it is"

    In this ebook, how to create videos are described in detail.

    "Put what's referred to as a "Watermark" in your video. This is commonly a URL linking
    back to your site which sits in small, but visible text at the bottom of your video –
    throughout its entire length. This shows that the video is owned by you and is related
    to your internet site. The appeal of this is that if anyone chooses to 'borrow' your
    video, it’s free of charge marketing for your webpage!"


    Rent YouTube Descriptions

    Use this as a fallback to the above method, or indeed as a stand-alone method itself.
    What you do here is offer to 'rent' the description of popular Youtube videos for a
    limited time.
    Offer the account owner a few bucks to let you put your own description (and link) on
    their video and watch the traffic roll in."

    Email List Swaps

    "Using list swaps to get traffic aimed at your money site is one of my personal favorite
    traffic generation methods. It is also one of the most powerful list building strategies
    that I know about.
    List swaps are really simple to setup and when correctly performed, can rapidly
    provide you with many more repeat visitors that can be converted into customers.
    What is an Email List Swap?
    An Email List Swap happens when two email list owners each agree to mail their email
    list an offer from the other list owner. The other email list owner is likely someone
    much like yourself, that is an internet marketing, who has a list, and it is trying to build
    his list, exactly like you are.
    Salespage or Squeezepage?
    The offers that you and your list partner promote may be a free offer on a website
    landing page/landing page in return an email address.
    Although an adswap technically implies that you're swapping advertisements, the
    best way to build your list fast is to mail a landing page offer (offering a free report or
    other content), as opposed to an actual sales offer.
    This enables the two of you to add brand new customers for your list, which gives
    each partner a bigger list along with a greater chance to create additional sales from
    future marketing emails. It's very much a case of a long-term strategy. You are
    foregoing immediate profits from any immediate sale in return for the opportunity to
    build a relationship with your new list subscribers and sell them multiple products
    over the course of time they continue to be on your email list."

    "Also, and most importantly, when all you do is mail other people’s affiliate offers to
    your email list, you generally decrease the responsiveness of your list. They become
    jaded with you and associate you simply with being a salesman. By contrast, when
    you mail free offers, you actually INCREASE the responsiveness of your list. They
    associate you with being a resource for free useful information.
    List Size or Clicks?
    The instinctive way to approach an email list swap is to approach someone with
    approximately the same size email list as you have. So if you have 1000 subscribers,
    you would swap with someone who has between 900 and 1100.
    However, this is not the optimal way to approach the situation.
    Better is to base your swapping decision on the number of 'clicks' your respective
    lists can generate.
    Would you prefer to swap with someone who has 20,000 subscribers but can only
    deliver 100 clicks, or someone with 1500 subscribers, all super responsive, 400 of
    which click you offer.
    Obviously it’s a no-brainer.
    If both sides base their ad swaps on approximate click throughs, rather than the
    entire quantity of customers, both sides will profit and everyone will leave happy.
    Simply emailing each others email lists is only the most basic way of executing an
    email list swap."


    Document Sharing

    sites are directories. Used properly they're really much more
    effective than article promotion at generating traffic because so few people have
    recognized how effective these sites can be. As a result, there is far less competition
    and its easier to get your content heard above the noise.
    An excellent reason to make use of these document sites to increase web traffic is
    because most of them permit you to place a live HTML link to your site within the
    Why Document Sharing Rocks
    In addition to the fact that this is a relatively uncompetitive field for traffic generation,
    there are a couple of additional benefits over traditional article marketing.
    No Review Process
    Popular article sites like EZA may take to approve your content. With document
    sharing sites there's no waiting period.
    Duplicate Content Permitted
    I've many documents ranking high just by using PLR material. This can help you save
    a lot of time and money since you don't need to write dozens of unique articles.
    Images are Allowed
    Adding clickable images for your documents increases the overall quality feel of the
    content and ultimately greater click-through rates."

    To download the full ebook, right click and choose "Save Link As", then download more free ebooks.

    Free website traffic methods ebook