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Surface wave dispersion in layered anisotropic media

An analysis is made of the dispersive properties of layered anisotropic media, emphasis being placed on the geophysically important case of transverse isotropy. Period equations are derived for Rayleigh, Stoneley and Love type waves. A correspondence is established, in certain cases, with ray theoretical and plane stress solutions.

The general anisotropic problem (orthorhombic symmetry) is considered briefly for certain propagation directions and is used to derive the two-dimensional theory of seismic modeling.

The single layer solutions are generalized to the n-layer problem by use of Thomson-Haskell matrices. The results are used to interpret long period surface wave data. It is found that an anisotropy of approximately 8% in the low velocity zone removes the discrepency between Love and Rayleigh waves.

Surface wave dispersion in layered anisotropic media