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Essential Vitamin and Minerals

There is an argument between doctors, nutritionists, and many others that nowadays, if they eat right, people don't need to take vitamins, minerals or extra precaution toward the health and beauty of their skin and hair. These experts who make this argument believe a diet of the four basic food groups will supply a person with all the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain good health and well being. Furthermore, these experts will say, "if you take extra vitamins or minerals you or wasting your money." I'd like to analyze each of these contentions.

Are the experts right in saying it is possible foremost Americans to get enough vitamins and minerals in their regular diet? According to the Surgeon General's Reports on Nutrition and Health, we are eating too much fat. We are also eating too little fiber. The combination of low fiber, refined carbohydrates and fat is contributing to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes along with weight gain.

Externally, our beauty can be affected as well. It has been said time after time, "beauty is just a mirror of what you put into your body." If the Surgeon General doesn't think the regular American diet is all that healthy, and, in fact, links our diet to poor health, then why are experts still down - grading vitamins and minerals?

Essential Vitamin and Minerals