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Effect of Dietary Supplementation With INVERSION

In modern society, the ideal of slim women with beautiful hair, skin, and nails is well established. The process of aging, together with an unhealthy diet and little physical exercise, often leads to deterioration of this ideal. Two open clinical trials were conducted to investigate the effect of the proprietary oral supplement INVERSION Femme (Inversion Laboratoires, Hasselt, Belgium) on slimming in overweight women and on hair loss, as well as on skin and nail parameters. A total of 22 overweight women aged 38 to 63 y participated in the study that explored slimming activity. In the hair loss study, 30 women aged 38 to 67 y who had experienced hair loss were examined.

All 52 women in both groups were further evaluated for skin (ie, wrinkles and hydration) and nail improvement. The active ingredients in INVERSION Femme, subdivided into 2 different capsules, exhibit antioxidative activity and nutritional function; in addition, they contribute to enhanced microcirculation, tonus, and thermogenesis.

Weight reduction and slimming were measured after INVERSION Femme was taken for 28 and 58 d. All women showed significant reductions in weight, body fat, and thigh circumference. During the second month of treatment, subjects showed an average 50% reduction in hair loss. INVERSION Femme is a potent “all-in-one” antiaging dietary supplement that causes significant slimming and reduction in hair loss, as well as visible improvement in skin and nail structure.

Effect of Dietary Supplementation With INVERSION