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The Secret Law of Attraction: The Road To Universal Wealth

Screen shot Ebook The Secret Law of Attraction: The Road To Universal Wealth

In the year 2000, I was working in a remote area in North Western Australia. My family lived 1800km away and my baby son was taking his first steps - without me. My efforts to make ends meet for my family was taking its toll on me. Every spare moment I had, I was reading self improvement books: Napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, Robert Kiyosaki, Wallace Wattles. I wasn't really aware of it at the time; I was learning about The Law Of Attraction.

My hunger for a mindset change was huge. I knew, for change to happen, change must be made. When I actively started to put the changes into place, good things started to happen. Benefits started rolling in. There was hard work and plenty of effort involved, and it was worth every single moment. In 2005 my career as an internet marketer started. In a few years, I have made in excess of $6 Million in online sales. My search for change was rewarded. The Law Of Attraction taught me how to build confidence in my own ability and that the same is possible for anyone and everyone in this world.

The only limitation anyone has in this world is their own perception of life and the opportunities presented to them. YOU are in charge of your own life. No one else!

What was the change I made? You will find them in this book. It is simple - it is easy - and it works for everyone who does it. No exceptions! Just apply the rules and believe in your ability to achieve. There are NO xcuses!

Here is the background about this book and its original author, Wallace Wattles.

This eBook is an edited and modernized version of material which was originally written by Mr. Wallace D Wattles who lived in the late 1800's in the United States of America. He was a working-class man who lived the majority of his life in near poverty. He is considered one of the pioneers of success and empowerment writing.

Wallace's works, which are now public domain classics, have inspired many with their timeless lessons. His works have as their central theme the ability of all people to rise above poverty and earn wealth as their own; they have only to commit to believing in their own abilities, the organization of a natural, scientific order that predisposes all men to achieve, and be willing to commit to a work ethic and lifestyle that will help them reach their goals.

While Wattles wrote in a time before major technological advances, and a time when the majority of the world's people believed steadfastly in God and religion, his words still ring true today. The message underlying Wattles' works are as applicable now as ever, regardless of spiritual or religious belief and/or affiliation.

The Secret Law of Attraction: The Road To Universal Wealth