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A practical Guide to Improving Boys’ Literacy Skills

This guide was prepared by the Ontario Ministry of Education as part of an initiative to support student success in literacy. In particular, it focuses on boys’ literacy. Based on an international review of effective practices, the guide is intended to stimulate discussion of this important issue among educators in Ontario and to provide practical and effective strategies that teachers across the province can put to use in the classroom, both immediately and over the longer term.

About This Guide
Who the guide is for
What the guide contains
How to use this guide
Why Boys?
What test scores tell us
Towards a solution
What about girls?
Taking gender differences into account in the classroom
Strategies for Success
Have the right stuff: Choosing appropriate classroom resources for boys
Help make it a habit: Providing frequent opportunities to read and write
Teach with purpose: Understanding boys’ learning styles
Embrace the arts: Using the arts to bring literacy to life
Let them talk: Appealing to boys’ need for social interaction
Find positive role models: Influencing boys’ attitudes through the use of role models
Read between the lines: Bringing critical-literacy skills into the classroom
Keep it real: Making reading and writing relevant to boys
Get the Net: Using technology to get boys interested in literacy
Assess for success: Using appropriate assessment tools for boys
Be in their corner: The role of the teacher in boys’ literacy
Drive the point home: Engaging parents in boys’ literacy
Build a school-wide focus: Building literacy beyond the classroom
References and Resources for Further Reading

A practical Guide to Improving Boys’ Literacy Skills