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Ebook Film art and Filmmaking

Screen shot Film art and Filmmaking

Film is a young medium, at least compared to most other media. Painting, literature, dance, and theater have existed for thousands of years, but film came into existence only a little more than a century ago. Yet in this fairly short span, the newcomer has established itself as an energetic and powerful art form.

It’s this aspect of film that we explore in this book. The chapters that follow show howcreative people have used film to give us experiences that we value. We’ll examine the principles and techniques that give film its power to tell stories, express emotions, and trigger ideas.

But this art has some unusual features we should admit up front. More than most arts, film depends on complex technology. Without machines, movies wouldn’t move, and filmmakers would have no tools. In addition, film art usually requires collaboration among many participants, people who follow well-proven work routines. Films are not only created but produced. Just as important, they are firmly tied to their social and economic context. Films are distributed and exhibited for audiences, and money matters at every step.

Chapter 1 surveys all these aspects of the filmmaking process. We start by considering film art in general, and we look at one film that illustrates how skillful and effective that art can be. The chapter goes on to examine the technology, the work practices, and the business side of cinema. All these components shape and sustain film as an art.

Ebook Film art and Filmmaking