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Creative image manipulation using Photoshop

There is little doubt that the use of digital images in learning, teaching and research projects is growing. Typical uses include: supporting lectures and other presentations; creating Web-based instruction and creating digital image archives. Another aspect of digital images is that they can be delivered on a variety of supports: PowerPoint, Web, image database, CD-ROM, and print.

It is therefore important to be familiar with image digitisation processes in order to obtain images that will be ‘fit for purpose’. This document shows you how to apply image enhancement techniques using Adobe Photoshop CS2.


    Document Information
    Introduction to Photoshop
      The Toolbox
      Getting help

    Colour management

      Colour settings
      Choosing an RGB working space
      Monitor calibration

    Task 1 Retouching a damaged photograph

      Applying the Dust & Scratches filter to the whole image
      Applying the Dust & Scratches filter selectively
      Using the Clone Tool to correct the remaining blemishes
      Adjusting contrast and sharpening

    Task 2 Selections using the Marquee Tool
    Task 3 Selections using the Magic Wand Tool
    Task 4 Selections using the Quick Mask mode
    Task 5 Selections using the Lasso Tool
    Task 6 Manipulating colours
    Task 7 Blending images

      Creating a new document
      Blending the images

    Task 8 Working with text layers

      Adding a text layer
      Adding a text box

    Task 9 Creating a customised map
    Appendix 1 Resolution and image size for printing
    Appendix 2 Further resources

      General information
      Photoshop tutorials

Creative image manipulation using Photoshop