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Diet Planning and Metabolic Individuality

Body typing is a concept based on the idea that metabolic individuality exists and is not a random occurrence but rather is orderly and understandable and can be determined by observation and simple examination procedures. Specific dietary recommendations to achieve metabolic balance in individuals are also discussed.

D. D. Palmer set out for chiropractic a truly holistic philosophy. His structural, chemical, and psychological triad of health categorizing environmental irritants (stresses) is a more functional representation of holistic health care than the presently accepted triangle of body, mind and spirit. As chiropractors, we are in the unique position of being the only natural health care licensed in all 50 states and have the opportunity to help our patients achieve that state where they are using a minimum of energy to maintain bodily functions and have plenty of reserve energy to enjoy a full and challenging life.

In short, by applying chiropractic principles, we can help our patients towards wellness. The purpose of this article is to discuss the lowering of chemical stress by the preparation of individualized diets based primarily on the concept of body typing. read more, download the full ebook.

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Diet Planning and Metabolic Individuality