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Chronic Inflammation of Bones

I hope it will be agreeable to the Society if I make known some of the results of a study of a rare disease of bones. The patient on whom I was able to study it was a gentleman of good family, whose parents and grandparents lived to old age with apparently sound health, and among whose relatives no disease was known to have prevailed. Especially, gout and rheumatism, I was told, were not known among them; but one of his sisters died with chronic cancer of the breast.

Till 1854, when he was forty-six years old, the patient had no sign of disease, either general or local. He was a tall, thin, well-formed man, father of healthy children, very active in both mind and body. He lived very temperately, could digest, as he said, anything, and slept always soundly. At forty-six, from no assigned cause, unless it were that he lived in a rather cold and damp place in the North of England, he began to e subject to aching pains in his thighs and legs.

They were felt chiefly after active exercise, but were never severe; yet the limbs became less agile or, as he called them, “less serviceable”, and after about a year he noticed that his left shin was misshapen. His general health was, however, quite unaffected.

Chronic Inflammation of Bones