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Toshiba Dynabook VX4 Notebook Service Manual

The Toshiba Satellite M40/M45 TECRA A4 dynabook VX/4 is a full size notebook PC based on the Intel Pentinm M (Dothan) and Celeron M processor, providing high-speed processing capabilities and advanced features. The computer employs a Lithium Ion battery that allows it to be battery-operated for a longer period of time. The display uses 15.4-inch WXGA and WSXGA+ LCD panel, at a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels (WXGA) and 1680 by 1050 pixels(WSXGA+), The PGA socket supports BTO/CTO for the CPU so that the system can be designed to suit your needs.

The computer has two SO DIMMs slot comes standard with DDR 2700 module. It supports PC2700 and uses SO DIMMs (DDR SDRAM) driven at 2.5 V, accepting BTO/CTO for your memory requirements. It can incorporate up to 2 GB of main memory.

The DVD-ROM drive accepts 12-cm (4.72-inch) and 8-cm (3.15-inch) discs. The drive provides high-speed data transfer, playing back a DVD at up to 8x speed and reading up to 10,820 Kbytes per second from DVD-ROM and 3,600 Kbytes per second from CD-ROM.

The DVD Super Multi drive accepts 12-cm (4.72-inch) and 8-cm (3.15-inch) discs. At maximum, the drive can play back a DVD at 8x speed, read CD-ROM at 24x speed, and write CD-R at 16x speed and CD-RW at 4x speed or Ultra and High speed CD-RW at 10x speed and DVD-R at 8x speed and DVD-RW at 4x speed and DVD+R at 8x speed and DVD+RW at 4x speed and DVD-RAM at 3x speed.

The power supply in the computer controls many functions and components. To check if the power supply is defective or malfunctioning, follow the troubleshooting procedures below as instructed.

Toshiba Dynabook VX4 Notebook Service Manual