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Toshiba 100CS Notebook Service Manual

The 100CS is one of the lightest and most advanced portable computers available. Utilizing advanced technology and high-speed components, the computer offers multimedia functions, excellent display legibility, battery operation, and IBM PC/AT compatibility.

The 82-(USA) or 84-(European) keyboard is mounted on the computer?s system unit. The keyboard is connected to the keyboard controller on the system board through a 25-pin flat cable. The computer pointer control stick, located in the center of the keyboard, provides convenient control of the cursor without requiring desk space for a mouse.

The DSTN color LCD is backlit and supports 640 x 480 pixels with a Video controller. This video controller includes the functions of Video Graphics Array (VGA). The built-in display controller supports 640 x 480 resolution with 64k colors capability on the internal LCD and up to 1024 x 768 resolution with 256 colors on an external CRT.

Toshiba 100CS Notebook Service Manual