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Nokia E71User Guide

When you want to learn more about how to use your product or you are unsure how your device should function or using a mobile device, You can also select Menu > Help > Help in your device. To configure the various settings in your device, use the wizards available on the home screen and the Settings wizard application. When you switch the device on, it may recognise the SIM card provider and configure some settings automatically. You can also contact your service provider for the correct settings.

Your new Eseries device contains new versions of the Calendar and Contacts applications, as well as a new home screen.

To make and receive calls, the device must be switched on, the device must have a valid SIM card installed, and you must be located in the service area of a cellular network. To make or receive a net call, your device must be connected to a net call service. To connect to a net call service, your device must be in the coverage of a connection network, such as a WLAN access point.

In Messaging (network service), you can send and receive text messages, multimedia messages, audio messages, and email messages. You can also receive web service messages, cell broadcast messages, and special messages containing data, and send service commands.

With your new Eseries device you can browse both the internet and your company's intranet, and download and install new applications to your device. You can also use your device as a modem and connect your PC to the internet.

Your device contains a variety of media applications for both business and leisure time use. For more information, see the extended user guide on the web.

you select Manual, you receive a notification when there is a new multimedia message that you can retrieve in the multimedia message centre. If you select Off, the device does not make any network connections related to multimedia messaging.

Nokia E71User Guide