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Nokia 7600 User Guide

The items supplied with your phone and available enhancements may be different, depending on your region or service provider. If your package does not include all the listed items above, please contact your retailer. Your phone provides many functions that are practical for daily use, such as a calendar, a clock, an alarm clock, a radio, a music player, and a built-in camera. Your phone also supports the following functions.

You can enter text, for example, when writing messages, using traditional or predictive text input. When using traditional text input, press a number key, 1 to 9, repeatedly until the desired character appears. In predictive text input you can enter a letter with a single keypress.

You can use your phone with a variety of PC connectivity and data communications applications. With PC Suite you can synchronize contacts, calendar and to-do notes, and notes between your phone, and the compatible PC, or a remote Internet server (network service). You may find more information about PC suite on the CD delivered with your phone, and, for example, downloadable files in the support area on the Nokia’s Web site.

Nokia 7600 User Guide