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Nokia 7360 User Guide

Your phone provides many functions that are practical for daily use, such as a calendar, a clock, an alarm clock, a radio, and a built-in camera. Your phone Nokia 7360 also supports the following functions. You can enter text (for example, when writing messages) using traditional or predictive text input. When using traditional text input, press a number key, 1 to 9, repeatedly until the desired character appears. In predictive text input you can enter a letter with a single keypress.

You can take photos or record video clips with the built-in camera. The camera produces pictures in JPEG format and video clips in 3GP format.

You can set the phone to alarm at a desired time. Select Menu > Organiser > Alarm clock. To set the alarm, select Alarm time, and enter the alarm time. To change the alarm time when the alarm time is set, select On. To set the phone to alert you on selected days of the week, select Repeat alarm. To select the alarm tone or set a radio channel as the alarm tone, select Alarm tone. If you select the radio as an alarm tone, connect the headset to the phone. The phone uses the last channel you listened to as the alarm, and the alarm plays through the loudspeaker. If you remove the headset or switch off the phone, the default alarm tone replaces the radio.

Push to talk (PTT) over cellular is a two-way radio service available over a GSM/GPRS cellular network (network service). PTT provides direct voice communication. To connect, press and hold the volume up (PTT) key.

Your SIM card may provide additional services that you can access. This menu is shown only if it is supported by your SIM card. The name and contents of the menu depend on the SIM card.

You can send and receive e-mail, and access the Internet when your phone is connected to a compatible PC through an infrared or a data cable (CA-42) connection. You can use your phone with a variety of PC connectivity and data communications applications.

Nokia 7360 User Guide