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Nokia 6810 User Guide

You can copy data directly from the old phone to the new phone. If you no longer have the old phone, but you have backed it up to a compatible PC at some stage, you may still be able to transfer the backup data to your new phone. Note that only the data that was saved in the old phone when you last backed it up with the PC can be transferred. For more information, refer to the PC Suite documentation.

The security code helps to protect your phone against unauthorised use. The preset code is 12345. When you have changed the code, keep the new code secret and in a safe place separate from your phone. To change the code, and to set the phone to request it.

Your phone is especially designed for easy and comfortable text writing. A good way is to write with your thumbs using the messaging keyboard. You can, for example start writing a message using the keyboard, close the flip and continue writing with either traditional or predictive text input. Note that predictive text input is not available, when the flip is open.

The phone offers you an extensive range of functions, which are grouped into menus. Most of the menu functions are provided with a brief help text. To view the help text, scroll to the menu function you want and wait for 15 seconds.

You can send and receive e-mails, and access the Internet when your phone is connected to a compatible PC via an IR or Bluetooth connection, or a data cable. You can use your phone with a variety of PC connectivity and data communications applications, provided that you have subscribed to the necessary services.

Nokia 6810 User Guide