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BMW 2006 M3 Coupe Owner's Manual

The BMW Maintenance System helps maintain your vehicle's road safety and operational safety. Comfort related aspects, such as the timely change of filters for the air inside the vehicle, are taken into consideration. The goal is to optimize maintenance with respect to low total cost of ownership. If you should sell your BMW one day, consistent service and maintenance will prove to your advantage.

The service interval display shows you when an oil service, an inspection – always alternating between I and II – or a brake fluid change is due. The special feature is that the service intervals are calculated according to your BMW's individual driving conditions instead of from fixed mileage increments.

The technology developed for this takes your personal driving style into account, as well as your BMW's driving conditions. After all, short-distance driving, i.e. frequent cold starts, or driving off at high engine speeds, affects your BMW differently from long-distance driving with the engine at consistent operating temperature.

BMW 2006 M3 Coupe Owner's Manual