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BlackBerry 8830 User Guide

Your BlackBerry 8830 has one Convenience key on the left side of the device. Depending on your theme, you might not be able to change the application that is assigned to a Convenience key. In the phone, your phone number appears at the top of the screen. If you have more than one phone number associated with your BlackBerry 8830, your active phone number appears at the top of the screen.

You can make a call using speed dial in the phone, on the Home screen, in a message list, or in an open message. Hold the key that you have assigned to the contact or phone number.

You can specify default country and area codes so that any numbers that are specified as links, or any numbers in your address book that do not contain these codes, are dialed correctly. If you call an organization frequently, you can also set your smart-dialing options so that you do not have to type the main number for the organization.

If you are using a Bluetooth® enabled device, such as a handsfree car kit or wireless headset, verify that the Bluetooth enabled device supports this feature and that you have paired the Bluetooth enabled device with your BlackBerry® device. You cannot make calls to emergency numbers using voice commands.

You can add, change, or delete the email message folder in the email application on your computer. If wireless email reconciliation is turned on, your BlackBerry® device receives changes that you make to the email message folder on your computer over the wireless network. If wireless email reconciliation is turned off or is not available for your device, reconcile the changes using the email settings tool of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. See the BlackBerry Desktop Software Online Help for more information about email reconciliation.

You can create email message filters to specify which email messages are forwarded to your BlackBerry® device and which remain in the email application on your computer. Email message filters are applied to email messages based on the order in which they appear in your list of email message filters. If you create multiple email message filters that could apply to the same email message, you must decide which one should be applied first by placing that filter higher in the list.

BlackBerry 8830 User Guide