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Aspire 3600/5500 Series User's Guide

Acer Arcade is an integrated player for music, photos, DVD movies and videos. To watch or listen, click a content button (e.g., Music, Video, etc.) on the Arcade home page.

Clicking a button on the Arcade home page opens the corresponding feature's home page. The content pages have buttons on the left and a content browsing area on the right. If a button shows one of several choices, such as sort order, the current setting is shown by a brightly colored ball on the left side.

Screen shot PDF Ebook Aspire 3600/5500 Series User

To pick content, click an item in the content area. When there is more than one CD or DVD drive, all drives will be shown. Pictures and videos are shown as files (with thumbnails) and organized into folders. To browse a folder, click to open it.

To go back up to the folder above it, click the Up one level button. If there is more content than will fit on a page, use the buttons at the lower right to scroll through the pages.

Aspire 3600/5500 Series User's Guide