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Venezuelan Femininity The Painful Embodiment of Beauty

Last summer when I went back home to Caracas, Venezuela, for the first time in about four months, the first thing my mother said when she saw me was: “My God, you are fat!” I had gained about twenty-two pounds, yet had not realized it. I spent each day of my two-week-long vacation working out for hours and dedicating myself to a strict diet regime. For the first time ever, I felt out of place in my favorite dance club: while the zipper of my old dress was on the verge of explosion, 16-year-olds wore miniskirts that showed their size-two bodies and cleavage that showed off their breast implants.

Gender, Obesity, and Education

Obesity is a health condition, but its consequences extend far beyond the realm of health. To illuminate an important route by which the experience of obesity can filter into the status attainment process, this study drew on nationally representative data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to test a social psychological model of the gendered link between obesity and education.

Economic Analysis of Weight Change, Overeating and Dieting

Why does a person become overweight or obese? The proximate answer is simple: he consumes more calories than he expends. An answer to the ultimate question, however - why does someone regularly choose to consume more calories than demanded by energy expenditures? - confronts a deep conceptual problem dating back to the Platonic dialogues. How should we regard apparently self-defeating choices, such as gaining unwanted excess weight, where consumption costs and benefits are separate in time, so that today's choices have consequences for one's future "self"?

Celtiberians: Problems and Debates

The Celtiberians are undoubtedly the people from ancient Hispania that have attracted the highest level of interest among scholars within the different disciplines (e.g. archaeologists, linguists, and historians). This critical review of the post-1998 literature on the Celtiberians has been divided into nine sections: the meaning of the word "Celtiberians",the Celtiberian language, the formation of the Celtiberian culture, population, Celtiberian migrations, economy, the study of rituals through an examination of ceramics, mortuary rituals, and Celto-mania and the Celtiberians.

Physical Fitness and Law Enforcement

This paper will examine the importance of physical fitness in the realm of law enforcement. It will look at the problems associated with unhealthiness and in particular how this affects the job performance of police officers. It will consider what different states and agencies, such as the FBI, require for their officers. Finally, it will make recommendations for implementing a continuing fitness program for officers during their career. The primary purpose was to present ideas on how to implement a program that would continuously require officers to maintain their health and fitness. This purpose was accomplished primarily by Internet research. Various standards of different states and agencies were compared.

An Examination of the Relationship between the Disposition Effect and Gender, Age, and the Traded Security

We analyze how gender and age, internal characteristics of futures traders one that remains fixed while the other changes over the lifetime and the security being traded, an external factor, are related to the disposition effect by separately tracking their trade-by-trade transaction histories over a period of 33 months on the Taiwan Futures Exchange (TAIFEX). We show that women and mature traders, compared with their male and younger counterparts, exhibit a stronger disposition effect. The effect is also stronger among traders who trade financial-sector futures contracts than those who trade electronic sector futures contracts. Further test results provide convincing evidence that the disposition effect indeed is related to both internal and external factors.

Crisis resolution teams and inpatient mental health care in England

This report describes the first stage of a study of the effects of the implementation of crisis resolution teams in England following the policy initiatives first set out in the National Service Framework for mental illness(Department of Health 1998). The work was based entirely on routinely collected data from Hospital Episode Statistics, Department of Health KP90 returns (describing the use of the Mental Health Act) and the annual mapping of English mental health services by the Centre for Public Mental Health at the University of Durham (Glover and Barnes, 2002, 2003, 2005). Key goals for the policy were the reduction of the numbers and length of admissions to mental hospitals and of the use of compulsion. In the work described here, we aim was to establish whether the implementation of crisis resolution teams had been associated with measurable changes of these kinds.

Cultural concepts of parenting

This study is part of a larger cross cultural research project on "parenting ethnotheories", where mothers of three months old infants were interviewed about their ideas on good parental care for small babies. They were confronted with picture cards, displaying different parenting behaviours from their own cultural community and were asked to comment on the appropriateness and inappropriateness of such behaviour. This paper addresses 40 of the German language interviews with a total 78,484 words. The central focus of this analysis is the frequency and distribution of modal particles as used in these interviews and as compared to two other corpora with a total of 60,000 words. The results indicate substantial differences with respect to the most frequently used particles, which can be explained by the attitudes of these women towards the particular topic being addressed in the interviews.

Economic Conditions Early in Life and Individual Mortality

This paper analyzes the effect of economic conditions early in life on the individual mortality rate later in life, using business cycle conditions early in life as an exogenous indicator. We have individual data records from Dutch registers of birth, marriage, and death certificates, covering an observation window of unprecedented size (1812-2000). These are merged with historical data on macro-economic and health indicators. We correct for secular changes over time and other mortality determinants. We non-parametrically compare those born in a recession to those born in the preceding boom, and we estimate duration models where the individual’s mortality rate depends on current conditions, conditions early in life, age, individual characteristics, including individual socio-economic indicators, and interaction terms. The results indicate a significant negative effect of economic conditions early in life on individual mortality rates at all ages.

Gambling and Debt Pathfinder Study

The Gambling and Debt Pathfinder Study was funded by GamCare and the Money Advice Trust (MAT), and supported by the Salvation Army.1 This study critically examines the nature of the relationship between gambling and debt. This has been achieved by investigating the wider social issues associated with gambling-related debt, in order to understand the strategies used by individuals and families coping with gambling-related debt and explore the help-seeking strategies employed by problem gamblers and debtors.

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